Is football too dangerous for children?

Some high school football fans are riled up after a retired New Hampshire doctor proposed a ban on high school football, saying it's too dangerous.

Dr. Paul Butler was on Thursday's " Good Morning America " where he said, "We have a moral imperative to at least begin the process of ending this game."

The proposal has caused a national commotion.

New studies show that kids who play high school and even pee wee football are exposing themselves to head trauma.

According to ESPN, blows taken to the head on the football field can be the same as a taking a sledgehammer to the head.

Do you agree with this doctor? Should we protect children by banning organized football? Or is high school football a rite of passage?

Michael Orange responded on Facebook, writing, " not banned but measures put in place to secure serious injuries. what happens if a player breaks his neck and becomes paralyzed? shouldn't the school share the costs long term?"

"As the mom of a High School Junior who has played 10 seasons of Tackle Football I think they should leave it to the parents," wrote Karen Harrington Ramsey.

"Oyster Gumbo" wrote, " Soon the only "sport" kids can do is chess tournaments but that might hurt their brains"

Carolann Quinn wrote that after five concussions in a Pop Warner game she'd say tackle football under the age of 12 should be banned.

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