Hunting cheerleader creates huge backlash, tries to clean up the mess with puppies and conservation

A cheerleader who posted photos of deadanimals she hunted has faced a lot of backlash and is now trying to show the world her softer side.

According to Good Morning America, Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones posted several photos of herself posing with large African cats, a rhinoceros, elephant and others that she reportedly killed.

Hundreds of thousands of people who are upset with her photos have signed an online petition to get Mark Zuckerberg to shut down her page because they believe it promotes cruelty.

Some of the photos have been reportedly taken down.

Her Facebook timeline and Twitter profiles show her strong passion for hunting and wildlife conservation, including the use of "#SupportKendall" to counter the recent backlash. She also cleared up confusion that some of the animals were tranquilized.

Now news of her pro-animal stance is being reported by posting photos of herself with puppies and deer. Another ABC affiliate article has also been popular, showing that she helped stray animals and has pets of her own.


Still, followers are split as to whether they love Jones or are against her.

One Facebook user commented on her Facebook page, "I really wanted to hate you, Kendall...but I have become educated since following you on Facebook....kudos to you for all you have done for animals"

Other comments are sentiments like this one: "Help supposedly 'conserve' one species but then kill another? Hmm that makes perfect sense... Hypocrite."

Jones has posted to her page several times to defend what she loves to do and dedicated her social media platforms to hunting. As one post from Jones says:

"What a great experience! Not only am I hunting to conserve these animals and stop the harm they go through from the locals that poach them for no reason but giving back into this community is such an eye opener! Most people say "hunting is fine for food" well, look here are all the people that benefit from this animal! And for all that want to say stuff about hunting is for food all the other animals go to the local villagers that are just trying to get meat! These people only get meat when an animal is shot, they aren't privileged enough to go to the local grocery store and pay $20 for some steaks! And another thing is that this elephant's trunk had been caught in a snare put out by poachers!"



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