How many people see your tweets? You may soon know

There is nothing -- literally, nothing, in the world -- worse than getting zero retweets and just, like, one random favorite on some brilliant tweet you gift to the world. Not that it ever stops you from try, try, trying again.

Well, the never-ending social media cycle of self-worth-defining instant feedback is about to get even more seductive. Whether that's a good thing or not might depend on how many Twitter followers you have.

The service is reportedly toying with a new "view count" feature for iOS devices that lets you know how many people see your tweets, giving us all one more number to obsess over, right there along with retweets, favorites, comments, likes (the Facebook kind), new followers, friends, likes (the Instagram kind), revines, upvotes, reblogs, views, shares and supersonic high-fives.

Supersonic high-fives are not a social media approval thing, but at this rate, they probably will be soon.

The view count number will be displayed below the text of a tweet and right above the row of retweet/favorite options, according to The Verge and screengrabs being shared on, of course, Twitter.

In addition to providing one more source of digital anxiety/happiness, a view count could also serve a functional purpose of increasing engagement as Twitter users see just how far a reach their 140-character observations have. Or it may help them see just how few people are reading their tweets and get users crafting new ways to bump that number up. Other than turning into Katy Perry.

Twitter isn't saying anything about the feature yet, but so far it's only been spotted on Apple devices and not on Android or Twitter's trusty, ol' desktop client.

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