Homeless veteran transformation video: United States Army Veteran gets a new look on life

What would you say if you could change one person's entire life in just one day?

One group decided to help Jim Wolf, a United States Army veteran get a new look on life.

According to a video organized by Degage Ministries , Wolf has struggled with poverty, homelessness and alcoholism for decades.

In September, Wolf decided to go through a physical transformation. Little did he know it would change his whole life.

The three-minute video shows Wolf getting a haircut, having his beard trimmed and even being dressed in new clothes.

At the end of the video, it states that Wolf has taken control of his life.

According to the video, he is now scheduled to have his own housing. He is also attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for the first time in his life.

Rob Bliss Creative uploaded the video on YouTube on November 8, and it already has over one million views.

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