High school football coach suspends entire team for cyberbullying, academic issues

A high school football coach is taking action by suspending all 80 players from the team in an attempt to correct their off-field problems ranging from skipping class to cyberbullying.

According to Deseret News , Matt Labrum, the head football coach at Union High School, "felt like everything was going in a direction that we didn't want our young men going," after learning some players were not only having academic issues but also cyberbullying other students.

Last Friday, Labrum instructed the players to turn in their jerseys and equipment because their privilege to play needed to be earned.

Labrum hoped the break would help the boys focus on more important things than winning a football game.

During the Saturday team meeting, Labrum gave the players a letter titled "Union Football Character," explaining what they needed to do to earn their jerseys back.

Instead of practice, the boys were told to perform community service, attend study hall and a class on character development, show up on time and attend all their classes, help out at home, and show improvement in grades if they were slacking.

For performing all requirements and showing overall improvement, the boys' reward will be to return and play in the homecoming game this Friday.

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