Harper Gruzins, 11, performs 'worst National Anthem ever' during soccer match

CLEVELAND - If you thought Christina Aguilera botched the National Anthem, you haven't heard anything yet.

Harper Gruzins, 11, from Texas, belted the Star-Spangled Banner before a Major League Soccer match Saturday night. But it didn't quite go as planned.

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In fact, some websites are calling it the worst rendition -- ever.

Crowd reaction while Gruzins was singing, and the looks on the faces of players, indicated they weren't enjoying the version, many looking like they were in pain.

Gruzins' parents are defending their daughter telling Fox News the "mean and hateful comments are really sad."

The young girl admitted to the media outlet it wasn't her "best" performance because she couldn't hear herself sing. "The blowing horns got me off key. But God allowed this to happen so I know it's what He wants. I wouldn't change it."

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