Gamer Okan Kaya sets record for longest video game marathon by playing Black Ops II for 135 hours

PHOENIX - An Australian gamer set a new record for the longest video game marathon by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II for more than 135 hours, according to .

Yahoo reported that Okan Kaya set a Guinness World Record, breaking the previous record of 120 hours and 7 minutes which was set earlier this year.

It reportedly took Kaya seven days to hit 135 hours and 50 minutes, but Yahoo reported he didn't have to play the game straight through.

To break the existing record, he was allowed to take 10 minute breaks ever hour, but if he skipped several breaks, he could take longer breaks later, according to Yahoo.

After his week of playing Black Ops II, Yahoo reported that Kaya was ranked 37th on the game's leader boards.

In many cases, game marathons have ended poorly, sometimes resulting in the death of the gamer, Yahoo reported.

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