Forget Prince Charming: Study shows modern women are choosing 'Average Joe'

A study from Spain shows that women are increasingly "marrying down", choosing men less educated and qualified than themselves.

According to an online article from the Daily Mail , experts from the Universitat Automnoma de Barcelona ran through "census figures from 56 countries across the world dating back to the late 1960s."

They found that the growing number of women going through university and working means an end to men automatically holding the "higher social status" within a relationship.

The researchers call it 'marrying down'.

In 21 of the countries, there are more women 'marrying down' than 'marrying up', the study found.

They're countries where the number of female students are beginning to outnumber the male student population.

Researchers also say this could change the traditional gender roles of a husband earning the money and the wife looking after the home and children.

Do you agree? Is the role of women changing as they become more educated and working?

We posted the question on Facebook where Lewanna Rathbun wrote " I'm completely insulted. I am with the man I love.. I don't care about what he can GIVE me.. all I want is his love."

Daniel Mercer wrote, " I liked having the ability to let my wife think I was the "Average Joe" when in fact she was really getting prince charming! Isn't that how we work it"

And Barbara Bella added, "That's because the Average Joe has decency and not full of himself."

"Because sometimes Average Joe can love you more than prince charming ever will. We also have more fun," Robert Underwood wrote.


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