'First Kiss' video: Story behind the viral YouTube video

Remember your first kiss? Not necessarily the one with the partner you’re with now, but the very first kiss.

“The Kiss,” an advertisement for Los Angeles-based women’s clothing company Wren, shares that intimate moment when two people kiss for the first time, ABC News reports .

By Wednesday afternoon, the three-and-half-minute video had over 28 million views on YouTube after it was first posted on Monday.


Wren’s CEO and founder Melissa Coker and filmmaker-friend Tatia Pilieva rounded up 20 people, strangers to each other, to put in front of a camera to share a real live “first kiss.”

The couples included young and old, gay and straight and biracial pairings.

Pilieva said the key to getting the intimate scenes was not to say “action."

The group of kissers was made up of actors, models and singers, and none of them were paid for the ad, ABC News reports.

Pilieva said some of the couples responded so well, their interactions didn’t end when she called “cut.”

At least two couples went out for a meal afterward and Pilieva said she heard some friendships developed out of that first kiss, according to the report.

Mobile users can view the video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpbDHxCV29A


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