Erick Sanchez: D.C. man launches Kickstarter campaign to host Kenny Loggins living room concert

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - By now, you’ve probably heard of the fund-raising site where individuals can solicit money from family, friends and total strangers for a particular cause or venture. Actors and directors have used them to fund upcoming film projects. Tech gurus have launched them to bring their ideas to fruition. Couples have even created Kickstarter campaigns to fund their dream wedding or honeymoon. But one man is taking Kickstarter to the next level with what some are calling "the most American campaign ever": he’s trying to get Kenny Loggins to play a concert in his apartment.

Meet Erick Sanchez, a 28-year-old resident of Washington, D.C. and a self-proclaimed “Loggins-ista.” His Kickstater journey began online, when musical artist Kenny Loggins  and his band Blue Sky Riders launched their online own online campaign to fund a new studio album . Sanchez took note, realizing that for a pledge of around $25,000, Loggins and the Blue Sky Riders would play a private concert in the backer’s living room. Inspiration struck.

"I thought, 'how am I going to raise this money?' Oh wait, I'll just start my own Kickstarter!" he said. 

So Sanchez launched his campaign, “I want Kenny Loggins to play in my living room.” And thus, the Loggins Living Room initiative was born.

Sanchez’s hook?

“Don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for Kenny, Georgia, and Gary. Do it for America.” His message and passion took off like wildfire, capturing the attention of national news sources like GawkerUSA Today , and the Huffington Post ; in addition to local DC news outlets like WJLA .

Within just a few days of launching, Sanchez said he was getting requests from reporters to talk about the campaign.

Sanchez even appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on August 6, via Skype, to talk about the Loggins Living Room campaign.

Since launching his Kickstarter on July 29, Erick Sanchez already raised close to half of his $30,000 goal; he’s Skyped with Kenny Loggins about the Kickstarter; and he’s exchanged regular text messages with the musician. Not to mention, Sanchez has captured the attention of the whole nation, as pledges flow in from across the country.

"My mind is just blown. I never thought it would get to where it’s been at this point. Developing a friendship with one of my musical heroes…I’m just so thankful that so many people have been so supportive," Sanchez said.

Check out Sanchez’s Kickstarter for yourself by visiting . Backers can enjoy incentives like the chance to be one of 50 guests who’ll join Sanchez in his living room for the concert; a unique T-Shirt from clothing company American Island Co. ; and the ultimate Holy Guacamole Package: for a pledge of $750 or more, backers are guaranteed a seat at the show, an American Island Co. t-shirt AND a batch of Sanchez’s famous guacamole to enjoy during the show. Any risks? “There’s really no risk here,” Sanchez says on his Kickstarter page, “Just reward. Donate and make dreams come alive.”

And just in case you’re wondering if Loggins is serious about playing in Sanchez’s living room…he is.

Says Sanchez about the Kickstarter: "It’s been really, really cool, it’s been a lot of fun. I don’t know where it’ll end up going – I hope it ends with Kenny and Blue Sky Riders in my living room but it’s been a really cool journey."

Follow Erick Sanchez on Twitter, @erickmsanchez , to find out if he meets his $30,000 goal by the August 23, 2014 deadline!  

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