Emma Magazine shows how to make three easy homemade gifts for the holidays

We only have a few days until Christmas and instead of scrambling around at the store, why not make some simple and easy homemade gifts?

Sarah Hubbell, editorial director at EMMA Magazine, has three easy gift ideas that will be sure to make any recipient smile.

View the instructions below:



- Ceramic tiles
- Adhesive felt protectors
- Modge Podge
- Sponge brush
- Decorative paper
- Scissors


1.  Cut paper into squares the same size as the tiles.
2.  Place one paper square on top of tile.
3.  Hold paper in place and using the brush, cover with Modge Podge. Let dry and add a second coat.
4.  Once dry, add four adhesive felt protectors to bottom corners of tile.




- Vintage plate
- Clock mechanism kit ( www.klockit.com>)
- Electric drill
- Towel


1.  Place the plate on a folded towel.
2.  Read mechanism kit instructions to find the correct size drill bit.
3.  Locate the center of the plate and using pressure, drill entirely through the plate. It may help to start with a smaller bit to first establish a hole and then use the correct size to widen it.
4.  Attach the clock mechanism according to kit instructions.



- Course sea salt
- Epsom Salt
- Baking soda
- Essential oils
- Food coloring (optional)


1.  Mix six parts course sea salt, two parts Epsom salt, and one part baking soda.
2.  Add 5-10 drops of essential oil.
3.  Add drops of food coloring to reach desired shade.
4.  Mix all ingredients together.

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