Dog saved from bottom of Arizona canyon now living full, healthy life (Video)

Internet users have been celebrating the anniversary of an incredible dog rescue that took place at the bottom of an Arizona canyon four years ago.

You may have seen the video already while scrolling through your Facebook feeds, but if not, its certainly a video and sweet story you cant miss.

The video, uploaded by a man named Zak Anderegg, shows a man's adventure while climbing down a tight slot canyon in Northern Arizona in June 2010.

A few minutes into the video, Anderegg comes upon a small, black puppy. Anderegg was able to bring the dog food, which the frail puppy had obviously been without for quite some time.

"I don't believe he got (to the bottom of the canyon) on his own," Anderegg says in the video. "The more I think about it, someone put the dog there which is why I am so mad about this."

Anderegg was able to come back the next day with a small cat kennel and hundreds of feet of rope which he used to pull the dog up the canyon walls.

After the long ordeal, the dog was taken to Page Animal Hospital and later released, though still emaciated and weak.

According to Anderegg's website , the dog had also been shot with shotgun pellets at some point in his life.

Anderegg named the dog Riley and took him back home to Salt Lake City to recover.

Since his new life began, all thanks to the compassionate climber, Riley has been living a full life of fun and love with his new family.

He even has his own Facebook page showcasing his best memories.

"He rescued me as much as I rescued him," Anderegg quotes in the video.

"Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself," written by Anderegg himself, is available at bookstores and online, telling the entire story of the brave rescue.

The book is a finalist in the 2014 International Book Awards .

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