Doctors wake woman in surgery to tell her she was having a baby

A woman in surgery to have her ovaries removed was woken up by doctors who told her they had a change of plans. Instead, they would be delivering her baby.

According to United Press International , the New Zealand woman was scheduled for surgery because she had been complaining of stomach pains.

Several tests concluded that they would be removing her ovaries and that she wouldn't be having any more children.

During surgery though, doctors discovered the real reason that she was having discomfort- she had been pregnant for 32 weeks and would be having a 9-pound baby via c-section.

"I am so glad they woke me and told me I was going to have another baby," she told UPI. "Even though it was short notice it was better than waking up and being handed a baby."

Being unknowingly pregnant is more common than one would expect, according to sources.

UPI cites a study suggesting that 1 in 7,225 women are unaware they are pregnant until they give birth.

Another site reports that some women don't know they're pregnant due to factors like stress, irregular menstrual cycles, denial, body weight or an inactive baby.

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