'Dark side' of the moon visible following 'Ring of Fire' eclipse

Space lovers listen up!

Following Sunday's 'Ring of Fire' eclipse, we'll have the chance to spot another rare sight visible in the night sky Wednesday and Thursday -- the so-called "dark side" of the moon.

According to Space.com , "the new moon occurred on Sunday, marked by an annular eclipse of the sun as the moon passed in front of it. The moon has now moved to the east of the sun, but is still mostly lit from behind. Only a slim crescent on the moon's east side is in full sunlight."

Skywatchers are also urged to keep an eye out for tiny flashes of light -- lunar meteors.

According to Space.com, it's "very rare" for a meteor to show off enough light when hitting the moon's surface to be visible from Earth, but it has happened before.

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