Daredevil Nik Wallenda still owes Niagara Falls $25,000?

A daredevil who conquered an amazing stunt over Niagara Falls in May could owe the City of Niagara Falls $25,000, according to a Wednesday report.

Nik Wallenda made history with a U.S.-to-Canada walk on a cable strung over the falls. The event was shown live on ABC15.

The event was a huge spectacle for the area, but now they want him to dish up $25,000, according to wkbw.com.

The Niagara Falls Mayor says Wallenda owes that much to cover the city's police and fire overtime costs.

The city council did vote to forgive Wallenda of the costs, but it's not that easy.

The council reportedly didn't establish the fee and might not have the power to rescind it. Read more.

What do you think? Should Wallenda have to foot the bill? Or should Niagara Falls just pay?

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