'Daddy-daughter date' goes viral: Is it adorable or inappropriate?

A video of a dad and his adorable daughter has gone viral - but not everyone is a fan.

Aaron Dickson posted a video called “The Best First Date” that has been viewed nearly eight million times.

Some viewers are calling the father-daughter date heartwarming, while others say it's "very creepy."

Dickson's 3-year-old daughter Analynne opens the door with a huge smile.

“You are so beautiful!” Dickson tells her. “Look at your shoes!”

Analynne jumps into her dad’s arms and gives him a quick peck on the lips.

“Are you ready? For the date?” Analynne asks excitedly.

Dickson escorts her to a table on their back deck, set up with a vase of red roses. He pulls her chair and lifts her into the seat.

They drink out of cups decorated with Disney princesses and munch on sandwiches, strawberries, cucumbers and carrots.

Then Dickson takes his daughter to a park, where she is seen smiling on the swings and slide.

The video ends with the message “You’ll always be her first love. Happy Fathers Day.”

While some viewers find the video heartwarming, others call it "nauseating" with naysayers posting messages such as "It doesn't seem right. Very creepy."

"I think that the video could be controversial only because some people will assign romance to the term date, but really this is about a father and a daughter spending beautiful time together, bonding together, respecting one another and having a really good time," parenting expert Dr. Robyn Silverman said.

"It's just a chance to remember this moment when I have a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old and to encourage other fathers out there that they can do it, too," Dickson said in an interview on Good Morning America.

Dickson is hoping the video will last as a reminder to show his daughter how she should be treated by a man.

“I love my daddy so much!" Analynne said.

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