Cool! Grasshopper mouse numb to pain of scorpion stings

Arizonans know to keep away from scorpions – the bites definitely hurt and can maybe even be deadly.

But grasshopper mice don’t shy away from scorpions. In fact, these mice can kill and eat bark scorpions without feeling any pain, researchers say.

The reason? Scorpion toxins that come from stings actually serve as a pain reliever for grasshopper mice, not a stimulant, according to researcher done by a Michigan State University professor.

The tiny, carnivorous grasshopper mouse is native to the Southwest, including Arizona.

Ashlee Rowe and her team of researchers figured out that scorpion venom binds to sodium channels and blocks the mouse’s neurons from sending pain signals to the brain.

Check out this video of the grasshopper mouse attacking a bark scorpion in slow motion!


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