Conservation group puts a sexy twist on Earth Day

Earth Day isn’t typically considered a sexy holiday, but one group is putting their own twist on conservation efforts.

The Center for Biological Diversity is hoping to raise awareness of overpopulation and how the growing number of humans negatively affects animals. How are they spreading their message? With wildlife-themed condoms.

The group’s Endangered Species Condoms project has given out hundreds of thousands of condoms, free of charge, since it began in 2009.

The condom wrappers are colorful and catchy: “Don’t go bare…panthers are rare,” “Safe intercourse saves the dwarf seahorse,” and “Wrap with care…save the polar bear.”

The polar bear comes with another perk – a free ringtone that can be downloaded here .

But the Center for Biological Diversity says the message behind the condoms is urgent – humans could number 10 billion by the end of this century and that could spell major trouble for animals and plants. 

The organization says the condoms can be an icebreaker for talking about this difficult subject. 

"It’s a conversation that needs to happen, but talking about how a person’s sex life can affect the survival of wildlife can be difficult," they wrote on their website .

The group’s volunteers hands out condoms at concerts, bars, universities, farmers’ markets and other local events. People get two condoms in each package and some information on the species and how overpopulation is harming them.

Earth Day is one of the Center for Biological Diversity’s biggest days for handing the condoms out. If you want to volunteer to hand them out, check out the group’s website here

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