Commonly prescribed medicines take an unknown toll on your intimacy

Side effects of everyday treatments

Is your allergy medication killing your love life?

What about those pills you take for heartburn?

Believe it or not, these, and other everyday medications, could be a prescription for disaster when it comes to romance.

Just ask Jessica and James Pesch.

The young couple fell in love and married just two months after their first date. One month later they were expecting their first child.

Everything seemed to be going well for the upstart family, until Jessica began suffering severe mood swings and depression.

A physician prescribed anti-depressants, which helped calm Jessica’s moods, but also squelched her desire for intimacy.

“I felt like I was a better boss, better wife,” she said, “but I noticed right away I didn‘t have a sex drive.”

Jessica’s husband noticed, too.

“It was a great thing, as far as we ceased to fight,” James said. "That was really good, but then I noticed she didn’t have an opinion on anything anymore. I was always battling the inner turmoil. Which one was worse - the fighting or the lack of intimacy?”  

Jessica ultimately decided to seek another doctor’s advice. He changed her prescription and overall treatment plan. Soon, Jessica’s love life was back to normal.

But it’s not just anti-depressants that can impact patients’ libidos.

The National Institutes of Health , as well as AARP  and WebMD have listed some of the more common prescriptions that can have a negative effect on your love life.

While anti-depressants are among the worst culprits, so too are certain anti-anxiety medications.

Diuretics often used to fight high blood pressure can also pose sexual problems.

Then, there are other, more commonly drugs that can impact a patient’s love life.  

They include antihistamines, muscle relaxants and even heartburn medication.     

To find more detailed information on prescription drugs that can impact your love life, click on the links below.


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