California Girl Scout sells cookies outside medical marijuana clinic

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Business is always about location, location, location, and one smart California Girl Scout knew just the place to sell some Thin Mints.

The 13-year-old entrepreneur decided to set up shop outside a medical marijuana clinic in San Francisco, according to a report from Mashable .

Danielle Lei and her mom sold 117 boxes in just two hours sitting outside The Green Cross on President’s Day, Mashable says .

This wasn’t the first time Lei sold outside a medical marijuana facility, but Lei’s mother Carol said she usually tries out tons of different areas around the city to give her kids selling experience, according to Mashable .

The Green Cross gave the girls permission to sell outside the clinic, saying it’s no secret that marijuana use can result in some powerful cravings.

In case you’re wondering, the Girl Scouts of Northern California were totally fine with Lei’s choice of selling location, according to Mashable.

Read the full story from Mashable here .

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