Cake in a spray can? Harvard students looking to bring spray cake to grocery store shelves

We could soon see an easier and faster way to bake delicious cakes, thanks to an idea from a pair of Harvard students.

According to ABC News , one student enrolled in a cooking class thought of the idea to make canned cake batter- one that sprays kind of like a can of whipped cream.

When he partnered up with another student in another class, the two made the idea a reality and the spray cake batter idea later ended up winning a $10,000 innovation contest.

Right now, the creators are trying to find a manufacturer to bring their idea into grocery stores. They're looking for a company to make the perfect spray cake, complete with fresh, organic and kosher-certified ingredients, ABC News says.

The product isn't meant to replace the process of baking that mixes traditional ingredients, but instead offers an easy, accessible alternative.

What's even more convenient, is that the spray batter boasts the benefit of becoming cake in the microwave in a matter of seconds.

For now, we won't see the spray cake next to the likes of other spray foods, like dressings, candies, butters and pan greases, but when we do, expect vanilla and chocolate first, ABC says.

According to the students, the spray cake they created has a similar taste and texture to that of homemade cake, even though it skips quite a few time-consuming steps.

Would you try spray cake?


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