Burger King puts lower calorie Satisfries in Kids Meals

Burger King’s “healthy” version of French fries, Satisfries, will now be the standard side option for the restaurant’s Kid’s Meals, the Christian Science Monitor says .

Satisfries are billed by Burger King as a better option for health-conscious patrons, with 20 percent less calories than regular BK fries.

The fast food restaurant has tried giving out apple slices in Kid’s Meals for years as a way to promote health, but they found that kids just don’t want to give up their fries, Christian Science Monitor says .

The secret to a healthier fry? Burger King says their secret Satisfries recipe makes sure that the potatoes don’t absorb as much fat during frying, the Daily Mail reports . The fries are made in the same fryers as regular fries and cooked just as long.  

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