Boeing to sell phone that can self-destruct if someone tampers with it

It's the smartphone every "Mission Impossible" fan would love to have.

Boeing is set to debut a new secure phone for government agencies and defense contractors that will self-destruct if someone tries to tamper with it

The company is giving few details about the phone, which will be called "Boeing Black." Pricing and an exact release date have yet to be disclosed, though it is expected to be out by this summer. But it won't be available your local Verizon or AT&T storefront.

"It's geared towards defense and security customers. It's not aimed at the consumer," said Boeing spokeswoman Rebecca Yeamans. The phone will use Google's Android operating system, but calls and stored data will be encrypted.

The self-destruct feature was first disclosed in a company filing with the Federal Communications Commission, which said, "Any attempt to break open the casing of the device would trigger functions that would delete the data and software contained within the device and make the device inoperable."

Yeamans said the security measure would use a combination of software and hardware on the phone. But despite what fans of the old "Mission Impossible" television show might hope to see, there won't be any smoke emerging when the self-destruct function is triggered.

While Boeing Black will be the company's first foray into cell phones, the company has a long-established history of providing secured communications, according to Yeamans.

"It seems like a new endeavor for Boeing but for a long time we've been in business of connecting our customers and providing trusted communications to them," she said.

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