BEST viral videos of the week: Cat sees snow for first time, floating watch

Thousands of videos are downloaded every day onto the internet, but only a select few go viral.

Check out the BEST viral videos of the week, that all your friends will be talking about.

Cat sees snow for the first time

This cat sees snow for the first time, and its reaction is priceless!

Cleaner crashes train into house

A lady cleaning a train apparently stole the train she was cleaning, and accidently crashed it into a home in Sweden. Take a look:

Firefighter's close call

A firefighter in St. Louis had a close when fighting a fire. See a first-hand perspective of the dangers of fighting a fire.

The NFL: A bad lip reading

Huh? Bet this isn't what you heard when you watched your favorite NFL team's game!

Has your watch ever done this?

In this video, the expression time flies....holds true! Chris Hadfield captured his watch floating in the International Space Station.


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