Arizona matchmaker Joann Cohen offers advice on how to marry a millionaire

These days nearly half of all marriages end in divorce.

The number one reasons couples fight: money. 

But what if you could eliminate the problem by simply marrying a millionaire? 

Sound far fetched? 

Well, believe it or not there are courses to help you do just that.

Arizona matchmaker Joann Cohen  teaches one such class. It's aptly named How To Marry A Millionaire. 

But it's not just single women who look to Cohen for advice.  

So do the actual millionaires.

Arizona businessmen Kevin Terrell, Chris Ordway and Will Chase are all worth big bucks, but they say finding a woman who wants them for who they are, versus what they have, is challenging.

Their encounters with gold diggers read like something from a Hollywood movie - like the time one woman pulled Chris Ordway tight just so she could get a better look at his expensive wrist watch. Or the time a women asked him to pay for her dental surgery, while another asked him to pay for her "boob job."

Kevin Terrell says he was once attacked with a knife for refusing to buy an $850 bottle of wine. 

It's to the point that all three men say can spot a gold digger a mile away.

And while they admit some of these women may be extremely attractive, looks don't count for everything. 

"A girl has to have something going on besides being just really hot," says Will Chase. "Let's  be honest, we need more than that."

Cohen couldn't agree more. 

It's just one of the points she tries to drive home in every course she teaches.  

"Sex is not going to make a guy commit. They may play with her, so to speak. They may date her short term, but that's not the girl they're taking home to Mama." 

Which leads Joann to her second lesson: be passionate about something, anything, besides your date's black Amex card. 

Her third lesson - one that's hard for some students to swallow - don't be afraid to show your femininity. There's nothing wrong with being soft and nurturing. 

Our millionaires couldn't agree more. 

According to Kevin Terrell, "Opening up a door for a woman and she gets offended by that, I instantly know, I will never call you or contact you again." ​

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