Advice for the 'professional bridesmaid'

Ladies, can you imagine being a bridesmaid in 12 weddings, attending 75 and spending about $10,000?

Like Katherine Heigl in the movie," 27 Dresses" - Stephanie Gallman has said "I do, I do, I do" to being a real life bridesmaid a total of 12 times.

Gallman is a CNN National Desk Assignment Editor- and it seems when she's not working, she's at a wedding! Total attended? She stopped counting at 74.

All that celebration has taken a toll on her vacation days and her wallet! Her blog post on, "I now pronounce me....broke" has garnered more than 3 million views.

"You know it never occurred to me to say no. Between going to 75 weddings and being in 12, I've probably spent at least $10,000," said Gallman.

Luckily, Gallman loves being by her friends' sides on the biggest day of their lives.

"I consider it completely to be an honor to be invited to a wedding. All the girls whose weddings I've been in you know, you know have been very close friends of mine. I really would not trade it for the world."

She is offering advice for future bridesmaids to help cut costs

Booking travel early or booking alerts to get those updates, being honest with yourself and being honest with the bride is the most important thing in terms of not breaking the bank.

But as for those dreaded bridesmaids dresses....

"They're pretty honest about the fact that you will never wear this again. Let's be honest, it's 'just appease me for this one day,'" she said.

This always a bridesmaid, never a bride has thought out how to repay her friends when it's her big day.

"I've got big plans for them - they don't know what's coming yet, so we'll see."

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