6 machines to avoid at the gym, according to Cosmopolitan

For first-timers at the gym it can be overwhelming, especially when you enter a room full of machines that each do something different to workout your muscles. You may not know which ones to chose, but here are six machines that you definitely don't want to use.

The number one machine to avoid at the gym is the seated leg extension, according to Cosmopolitan . This machine puts unnecessary pressure on your knees. An alternative to this machine is to simply do some squats or chair sits, where you sit down and then stand up.

Another machine to throw out the window is the seated chest fly. This machine causes the body to do an unnatural movement and cause unnecessary strain to the body. Instead of this machine, do pushups. Push ups force you to use your core and it's natural.

The seated hip abductor is the third machine to stop using. This exercise causes users to not use their core. In order to use the core, start using resistance bands and doing lunges!

The next machine that you need to call it quits with is the seated shoulder press. This machine can cause a lot of shoulder issues so instead use free weights and medicine balls to strengthen and build those muscles. Throwing medicine balls against a wall reduces the risk of shoulder problems and still gets your heart rate up.

The fifth machine you need to cut out of your exercise world is any abdominal machine. These machine don't work the deeper muscles, but planks certainly do. Planks also work your arms and back.

The final machine is one that you can use but not abuse: the treadmill. Treadmills can only bring a workout so far, so instead use a bike or an elliptical for 15 minutes each. This will work different muscles and not over-work muscles you use on a treadmill.


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