5 tech items that will help you sleep better

Do you have trouble sleeping or falling asleep at night? Sleeping for at least eight hours a night is essential for the human body.

Sleep helps us keep our appetite in check and ensures that our body is functioning at the highest level possible.

According to Cosmopolitan , 40 percent of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep and that the leading causes of sleep deprivation are gadgets in your bedroom.

Lucky for us there are gadgets out there to help us sleep better - not prevent sleep.

Check out five tech gadgets that will help you sleep better:

1. UP by Jawbone is a bracelet that calculates everything you need to know about your sleep patterns. The bracelet tracks how long you sleep for and whether the amount was in deep or light sleep. It also tells you how many times you woke up in the night. The bracelet also has the ability to wake you up during your light sleep periods.

2. Technology for Sleep is an iPhone app that uses the phones accelerometer to monitor physical activity during sleep. It also has the ability to wake you up during light sleep periods.

3. UVEX S1933X Skyper Safety Eyewear are made for seeing through fog but can also minimize the amount of blue light transmitted to the eyes. Blue light comes from phone and laptop screens and reduces melatonin production.

4. Philips Wake-Up Light is an alarm that acts as the rising sun to wake you up gradually and more naturally than a beeping alarm.

5. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson is an iPhone app that lets you fall asleep to the soothing voice of Andrew Johnson. It provides the listener with a variety of relaxation meditations.

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