5 French fry facts to celebrate National French Fries Day

Grab an order of French fries and celebrate National French Fries day!

To celebrate the holiday dedicated to the delicious side order, Red Robin, famous for bottomless fries, compiled a few interesting facts from a survey.

First up...

Did you know that 42 percent of Americans reach for their order of fries before reaching for their drink or entree?

The great fry debate

The tie for the most popular fry is between curly fries and steak fries.

Soggy vs. crispy

Only 11 percent of Americans prefer soggy French fries, whereas the rest prefer crispy, crunchy ones.

Pick a fry, any fry

Women are pickier with their fries than men are! Only 25 percent of men admit to looking for the perfect French fry, but 37 percent of women will do so.

So...are you going to eat that last fry?

Thirty-three percent of Americans would not give their last fry to a celebrity.

For those who would be willing to give up the last French fry, 23 percent would let Ellen Degeneres have it and 22 percent would let President Obama have it.





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