5 car fixes you may not actually need

Have you ever gone to a mechanic or auto shop to get an oil change and you end up needing a tire rotation, an air-conditioning recharge, a new battery, new filters and an oil change?

There are a few things you might not have to do as much as you're told to, according to Travis Mock with AAA Auto Repair.

If you're ever told that your car or truck must have any of these five common things, it may be smart to think twice or get a second opinion.

1. Internal engine flush

Mock says that under no circumstances should you need to flush your engine. It may need to be done if you never change your oil, but it is rarely needed.

2. Pour-in cures

Auto shops and retailers are full of 'miracle' bottles. If a product claims to stop a leak, fix your air conditioner or make an incredible change in the health of your vehicle, it probably isn't so. If the product does happen to work, you are simply masking the issue and will most likely have to fix a much larger problem further down the line.

3. Yearly tune-ups

New cars and new technology can usually get you by for about 60,000 miles, which is an uncommon distance to drive in only one year. It's usually better to judge whether you need a tune-up on how much you drive, not how much time has passed.

4. Tire rotation with oil changes

Most drivers are under the impression that rotating your tires should be done every oil change when it's probably only needed every other oil change.

5. Oil changes every 3,000 miles

Most synthetic or synthetic blend oils can last anywhere from 3,000 miles to 5,000 or 10,000 miles, instead of having to be changed more frequently. Still, it's a good idea to check manufacturer's recommendations. Regularly check your oil to know when to change or add more to keep your engine working properly.


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