13 healthy foods that can actually be bad for you, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine

Most people who eat healthy know not to eat certain foods, like desserts and chips, but what they don't know is that healthy foods, like granola and dried fruit, are packed with sugar and unnecessary calories.

Many people who go on diets begin eating foods, like salads, because they have a reputation of being healthy. People do not realize that many of these foods are filled with calories and sugar which are both things that make you gain weight.

Here are 13 healthy foods that can actually make you gain weight instead of lose it, according to Cosmopolitan.

Sushi rolls are packed with vegetables and seaweed wrap which makes them low-calorie but the majority of sushi contains tempura-batter and high-calories sauces, like mayonnaise and cream cheese. A standard roll can be from 500 to 600 calories thanks to the batter and sauces plus the sodium that's in soy sauce will make you retain water.

Dried fruit seems like a healthy alternative to a candy bar but dried fruit has almost twice as many calories as a Snickers candy bar. Since dried fruit is dehydrated and denser, many companies add sugar to make it taste better, but that adds unnecessary calories to it. Dried fruit has more than quadruple the amount of calories that fresh fruit has. For example, a cup of fresh grapes has 60 calories compared to a cup of raisins which has 460 calories.

Granola seems like a healthy alternative for breakfast because of the nuts and oats it contains but it actually contains added oil and sugar for crispness and taste, which make a breakfast cereal a better option. One bowl of granola can be 500 calories and a bowl of cereal with the same nutrients with less oil and sugar can be half of that.

Bran muffins sounds healthy because of all the fiber that is packed into them but they are also filled with sugar and butter. A bran muffin can be considered the same as a slice of cake for breakfast since it contains 20 grams of fat, 420 calories and 34 grams of sugar.

Half and half seems harmless because you put a few teaspoons in your morning cup of joe but it can quickly turn into more than 200 calories after a few cups of coffee. Half and half is packed with calcium but also pack with fat which makes it very unhealthy.

Wraps act like a healthy alternative to a sandwich but can quickly rack up to 300 calories. A wrap can be up to a foot across which is bigger than twice slices of bread and can result in more mayonnaise or other condiments than you put on your wrap.

Bottled teas are also a dangerous thing because of the sugar and honey that is put in them. Most store bought bottled teas can contain two or more servings and have almost 200 calories inside.

Rice cakes are a go-to snack when you're on a diet but they can actually cause you to gain weight. These snacks are fat-free and low-calorie but they lack fiber and protein which then makes you hungry. Eating these won't help your hunger but actually will leave you craving something with substance. The flavored ones also contain a ton of sodium and sugar.

Veggie burgers can save you a little fat and cholesterol but can actually contain up to 1,000 calories. The cheese that can bind the burgers plus the ketchup and bun can be detrimental to your diet.

Any kind of juice can seem like a good way to get fruit servings in during the day but juice contains a ton of sugar and carbohydrates. One, 16-ounce, glass of juice can has 55 grams of carbohydrates which is equivalent to five slices of bread.

Diet microwave meals sounds like a great idea but these ready-to-eat dishes are high in sodium. Manufacturers resort to salt since they can't use other calorie-rich products to make it taste good. Eating these microwave meals can actually cause you to retain water which will leave you puffy and uncomfortable.

Salads can be very healthy if there isn't a ton of dressing and other add ons with it but as soon as those extras go on it, it becomes unhealthy. Adding cheese, nuts, croutons and a ton of dressing can make a salad turn into a calorie nightmare.

Tofu is generally pretty healthy but since it is so plain people often add sauces and deep fry it to make it taste better. Instead of eating something healthy you'll be eating a plateful of sodium, sugar, fat and calories.

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