Valley woman's home phone number posted on auto parts website

GLENDALE, AZ - The Let Joe Know team took action for a Valley woman who says her telephone number was hijacked.

She needed some help to get it back.

Margie Winters says she's had the same home phone number for years without any problems.

One week ago, she started getting calls from people all over the world looking for an auto parts company.

"I mean I got calls from Puerto Rico, all over the country," she said.

Winters says she got up to 40 calls from people asking for auto parts.

"I finally turned the ringer off my phone, because that's all I'm doing is answering the phone for someone else," she said.

Winters asked the callers to repeat the number back to her and it was hers.

So she checked out the website for Korean Auto Imports and found her own home phone number listed under their contact information.

Winters faxed Sherwood Automotive, the company that owns them, and says she got no response. Then she tried their online "help" chat.

"I said 'I'm paying the phone bill so I don't know, that's our phone number,' and he said 'that's no longer your number,'" she said.

Winters felt stuck so she contacted ABC15.

At first, the company told us the same thing-- that the phone number was theirs.

But after we pressed, they did some research and found out they really were using the wrong number. It was off by one digit.

Friday, Winters checked with a representative online and they gave her the correct number.

In just a few minutes, the problem was fixed. And it got a little quieter at her house.

Sherwood Automotive posted an apology for their customers online.

They also apologized to Winters for getting calls "day and night."

The company tells us they just moved their shop and they must have posted the wrong phone number on their website.

They say they believed it was the correct number when they were first received Winters' complaint.

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