Valley man fired for alleged fake military career

PHOENIX - A Valley man was fired from his job Friday amid claims he made up a story about his military career.

Kyle Luginbyhl was recently named a finalist for the “Health Care Hero” award handed out every year by the Phoenix Business Journal.

The company he worked for, Angel MedFlight of Scottsdale, even put out a press release on the 4th of July.

It touted his service as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The press release says he received a Purple Heart and Silver Star.

When the ABC15 Investigators received a tip his military career might be fabricated, they started digging.

In a national Purple Heart database , there was not mention of Kyle Luginbyhl receiving the honor. We found the same thing with the Silver Star .

The ABC15 Investigators called Ft. Benning in Georgia, the place the press release says Luginbyhl served as a Ranger.

They had no record of him receiving any honors either.

Inquiries to the United States Army turned up no record of any by the name Kyle Luginbyhl having ever served:

“A search of our records came back with no results for Kyle Luginbyhl in Regular Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard.
If he served in any military capacity, it does not appear that it was with the Army."

Angel MedFlight did its own investigation into Luginbyhl’s military career after getting calls, including some from the ABC15 Investigators.

A statement from the company reads, in part:

“The searches conducted returned negative results for military service. (Verification of military service would not have been conducted in connection with his application for employment because military service was not a requirement for his position at the company nor was it listed on the application.) We then allowed Mr. Luginbyhl the opportunity to come forward with documentation to rebut the allegations made against him. He failed to meet our given deadline for providing the documentation.”

Angel MedFlight also asked the Phoenix Business Journal to remove Luginbyhl’s name from consideration for the “Health Care Hero” award.

The Phoenix Business Journal honored that request:

"We are disappointed by the circumstances surrounding the Health Care Hero nomination of Kyle Luginbyhl. We have been asked for the 'urgent withdrawl' of Mr. Luginbyhl's nomination by Angel Medflight, and the Phoenix Business Journal has honored that request."

The ABC15 Investigators have tried numerous times to get Luginbyhl’s side of the story, but so far he has failed to respond to their requests.

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