Suspect in MCSO killing had legal run-ins in other states

The ABC15 Investigators have discovered the man accused of shooting and killing a Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy on Sunda y had some financial debts and a few run-ins with law enforcement officials in Colorado and Illinois.

Drew Ryan Maras, 30, is accused of shooting and killing Deputy William Coleman, who was responding to a burglary call in Anthem over the weekend.


According to the Gunnison Police Department, officers in Gunnison, Colo. arrested Maras for burglary in 2000. 

Police accused Maras of stealing a beer keg from a resident director's office at Western State College in Colorado.  Maras studied at the school for one semester.  His major was undeclared, according to a college spokesperson.

Court records reveal the 2nd degree burglary charge against Maras was later amended to a criminal mischief charge.  He was also charged for being under aged while possessing or consuming alcohol.

According to jail records, Maras was fined, sentenced to probation, and ordered to take a mental health evaluation.  He was also sentenced to 15 days in jail – to be served in Lake County, Ill.  However, a jail representative told ABC15 the Lake County jail had no record of Maras ever serving time there.


Summit County, Colo. court records show Maras had minor traffic violations for speeding and following too closely behind another vehicle in 2004 and 2008. 

The state of Colorado filed tax-related cases against Maras in 2010 and 2011, asking him to pay a total of nearly $4,000 in taxes.

Records at the Summit County Recorder's Office revealed Maras also owed $15,438 in taxes to the federal government.

N A R Inc sued Maras in 2010 for $870.75.  A court official told ABC15, the judgment is still outstanding.


Maras served as a member of the 4th Marine Division in Chicago for approximately four years. 

He attended infantry school and worked as a rifleman.  In 2003, he left the military prior to finishing a six year commitment to the US Marine Corps, but military officials would not say why.


Maras was part of an Interdisciplinary Studies program at Arizona State University in 2004.  He attended classes at ASU during the spring and summer.


According to the Lake County, Ill. Sheriff's Office, Maras' grandmother called police in September 2010 after Maras consumed some of his grandmother's medication.