Remembering Yarnell: How much of the donations have been given to the families?

PHOENIX - After the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots lost their lives, the community donated millions of dollars to help and support the families of the fallen.

There were four charity organizations approved to take in donations: The United Phoenix Fire Fighters Association, Prescott Firefighter’s Charities, 100 Club of Arizona, and The Wildland Firefighter Foundation.   

One year after tragedy, the ABC15 Investigators reached out to all of the organizations to track the donations. The four groups reported that they received more than $12 million combined.

The United Phoenix Fire Fighters Association / Prescott Firefighters Charities

The United Phoenix Fire Fighters Association and Prescott Firefighters Charities combined their fundraising and donation efforts.

Ray Maione, a board member on both charities, said the Phoenix group donated all of their donations to the Prescott group, which distributed all of the money to the families.

Maione agreed to show ABC15 their tax forms. Together, Maione said the two groups raised roughly $8.5 million and all of the money was given to the families.

100 Club of Arizona

The 100 Club of Arizona provided ABC15 with a detailed breakdown with the total amount of donations and how those donations were spent.

Executive Director Sharon Knutson-Felix said the group raised $4.6 million. To date, the group has disbursed $3.5 million. The remaining funds have been set aside to continue helping the families in the future.

Here’s their breakdown:

Survivor Benefits: $332,500
Living Expenses and Support Services: $497,262
Medical and Health Insurance: $47,024
Home / Vehicle / Debt Elimination: $1,846,677
Funeral, Memorials, Services, Travel: $675,740
Counseling: $103,528

Wildland Firefighter Foundation

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation sent ABC15 a written statement saying the charity raised $264,000.

Of that money, $34,000 was dispersed to some of the families shortly after the fire. The remaining $230,000 was given to Prescott Firefighters Charities to distribute.

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