New response from student who denies relationship with Babeu

An ABC15 investigation into Sheriff Paul Babeu's tenure at an unlicensed boarding school has taken a new turn.

A 17-year-old student who denied having an inappropriate relationship with Babeu has changed his original response to our story.

Babeu was Headmaster and Executive Director of the now closed DeSisto School in Massachusetts from 1999 through 2001.

The ABC15 Investigators talked to former students across the country who described stories of physical and sexual abuse .

Eight former students -- including two who spoke with us on camera -- say Babeu had a relationship with a 17-year-old at the school.

Babeu denies the allegations of an inappropriate relationship and so does the 17-year-old student. ABC15 has decided not to identify the student.

On Monday, we received one letter, denying the allegations, signed by the student.

Then, on Tuesday, we received a second letter from a new attorney representing the student.

The second response differs from the first and the meaning of those new words could be significant.

The student's first letter states, "I have never at any time lived or engaged in any inappropriate sexual relationship with Paul Babeu."

The student's second letter received Tuesday morning places a time frame on the denial.

It states, "I never lived with or engaged in any sexual relationship with Paul Babeu while I was a student at DeSisto private school."

Another difference in the letters is the line, "I have remained personal friends with Paul Babeu."

It's included in the first letter sent to the ABC15 Investigators, but missing from the second one.

Neither letter was notarized and ABC15 cannot verify the authenticity of either signed letter.

The student has not responded to our requests for an interview, and Sheriff Babeu continues to refuse an on-camera interview.

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