Missing ASU student Jack Culolias's fraternity has discipline history for alcohol-related incident

PHOENIX - A missing ASU student is affiliated with a college fraternity that has previously been disciplined for misconduct involving alcohol.

According to Sharon Keeler, a spokesperson for the university, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at ASU has been placed on probation twice since 2006.

Missing student Jack Culolias, was a new member of the fraternity and attending a fraternity social event at a bar on November 30, the night he went missing.

Culolias had been kicked out of the bar.

According to Keeler, the SAE fraternity is currently in good standing, but they were placed on probation in 2006 for a hazing incident in which new members were forced to drink alcohol.

Keeler said one new member had to be transported to the hospital because he was so drunk.

The probation lasted for more than a year and a half.

The fraternity was also disciplined for having alcohol in a classroom during a meeting in 2011. The probation term associated with that incident lasted only a few months, and the group was required to change their meeting locations to a more public venue.

School records show two complaints against the group for loud parties in 2008.

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