MCSO detention officer admits she knew diabetic woman couldn't breathe but never got medical help

PHOENIX - Testimony has begun in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office trial that could end up costing Maricopa County taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

The family of a diabetic Valley mother, who died after being deprived of medication and medical care during three days in a Maricopa County jail, is suing Joe Arpaio, MCSO and five jail guards.

The lawsuit accuses MCSO of violating the constitutional rights of Deborah Braillard who was 46 when she was arrested on minor drug charges.

Maricopa County Jail guard Karyn Markwell admitted on the stand Wednesday that she knew Braillard was ill and having trouble breathing but the veteran corrections officer made no attempt to get her help.

Braillard spent three days in the Estrella Jail without insulin and without any medical attention and by the time she was taken to the hospital she was in a diabetic coma.

She was shackled to her bed even though doctors said she would never recover.

She died 18 days later when her daughter Jennifer made the painful decision to disconnect her from life support.

Under questioning by plaintiff's attorney Michael Manning, Markwell, a defendant in the case, said she didn't bother to check on Braillard after another MCSO corrections officer told her the detainee was very sick.

ABC15 Investigator David Biscobing has exclusive access to dramatic evidence in the case revealing how Deborah Braillard was left to die a horrific and painful death because she was never provided insulin while in custody.

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