Maricopa Community College District Chancellor Rufus Glasper addresses security breach

For the first time since a security data breach put more than 2 million people’s personal, private information at risk, the Chancellor of the Maricopa Community College District sat down for an interview with the ABC15 Investigators.

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Chancellor Rufus Glasper said he took action after learning of the massive breach in 2013.

When asked, why similar action was not taken when the FBI reported a much smaller breach in 2011, Chancellor Glasper said he delegated the information to a Vice-Chancellor who then in turn relied on his chief IT Security Officer.

Glasper also told the ABC15 Investigators he never saw a report after the District called upon an outside firm to investigate the earlier breach.

The District says the failure to take appropriate action after that 2011 incident led to the massive breach in 2013.

That alleged inaction has also led to the firing of several District employees.

Still, in the interview with the ABC15 Investigators, Glasper says his office is where the final accountability rests, and that he is making sure every precaution is being taken to make sure something similar never happens again.

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