New questions after Arizona crash, tips if you drive a Ford Escape

A 17-year-old Payson girl died after her 2002 Ford Escape accelerated out of control and crashed. Would you know what to do if you encountered a similar situation?

The girl's mother, Jamie Bloom was following her daughter Saige driving the Escape.

"She cannot stop. She can't stop. It's just accelerating," Jamie said during a 911 call to police.

The ABC15 investigators found that the Ford Escape Saige was driving the day she died was recalled for an accelerator cable problem.

It was repaired before Ford sent dealers an update saying that the repair could have been done incorrectly.

It's an update that has some auto safety experts concerned.

"When they sent out the second notice, they only sent it to the dealer, they didn't end it to the consumer as well," said former National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator Joan Claybrook.

So far, the Blooms have not filed a lawsuit and regulators haven't made any determinations involving the accident.

The Center for Auto Safety in Washington is petitioning the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to investigate the issue involving 2002-2004 Ford Escapes with 3 liter, V-6 engines because of a possible speed control cable issue.

Clarence Ditlow with the Center for Auto Safety said Ford should have issued a second recall of the affected 2002 to 2004 Escapes, more than 470,000 of them.

But , if you're an owner of one of these Escapes, what do you do right now?

Ford tells the ABC15 Investigators that any Ford dealer should be able to tell you if your car was involved in this recall, plus, if and when it was repaired.

The company said if you take your Escape in for service, "all service actions and updates, like this one, remain in the Ford dealer system indefinitely," which allows dealers to check on recommended repairs.

"Take it into a dealership. Have them remove the engine cover, look at the cruise control cable. If the cable is fractured, if the guide is cracked or broken, replace the cruise control cable," said Ditlow.

If you have to pay for it, hold on to your receipt, because if there's a second recall, you could get your money back.

Remember, the best thing to do if your car does suddenly accelerate is to put the car into neutral.

And, if you have experienced a problem like this with your car, email ABC15 Investigator Joe Ducey or go to his Facebook page and let him know.

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