FBI investigating Sgt. Sean Drenth's mysterious shooting death

PHOENIX - The FBI is now reviewing the mysterious shooting death of a Phoenix police sergeant who was killed in October 2010.

Phoenix police detectives handed the case of Sgt. Sean Drenth over to the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit a few weeks ago. Drenth was shot to death -- on-duty -- with his own shotgun. The Phoenix Police Department considers the case a "death unknown."

"This is not uncommon in a complex case," said Sgt. Trent Crump, a Phoenix police spokesman, "especially once all follow-up leads are exhausted."

Dr. Mark Fischione, the Chief Medical Examiner of the Maricopa County Office of the Medical Examiner, told the Drenth family he would agree to personally review the case if it is resubmitted to his office with new evidence.

The Drenths had tried for about a year to meet with the Chief Medical Examiner after another forensic pathologist in the Maricopa County office, Dr. Robert Lyon, ruled Drenth's death a suicide in December 2011.

The Drenth family has always insisted Drenth's death was a homicide.

They were denied a meeting in early 2012 when the Drenths tried to bring an attorney to the meeting.

However, on Monday, December 3, (which would've been Drenth's 37 birthday) Fischione met with the Drenths to discuss the suicide ruling.

"I do feel good that we did finally get to meet with them," said Diane Drenth, Sean Drenth's mother. 

"I do feel positive that they are going to re-review this after they get (the case) back from the FBI," she said.

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