FACT CHECK: The ABC15 Investigators truth test candidates' promises to send National Guard to border

The midterm elections are heating up and the issue of securing Arizona's border with Mexico is once again front and center.  

Nowhere is the topic being more hotly debated than in the ranks of the Republican race for governor. The would-be nominees are bombarding Arizona voters with campaign spots promising to get tough on illegal immigration, even if it means deploying the Arizona National Guard.  

One big problem - paying for it.

Despite the fiery rhetoric, none of the candidates can say exactly where the money will come from. 

One non-candidate we spoke to, however, says any guard deployment would likely be a short one.

According to Governor Jan Brewer's office, the only available cash for such a venture would have to come from the state's four million dollar emergency fund. Brewer says that would be enough to deploy 1,000 guard members for roughly two weeks. Hardly worth the investment..

But beyond the budget battle lie the serious legal questions about the guard's reach and overall jurisdiction. What exactly would be their role? 

ABC15 Investigator Lauren Gilger  did some fact checking. 

See what she found out in the video player above.

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