6 ordered to give DNA samples to Drenth investigators

PHOENIX - Phoenix police detectives are analyzing six more DNA samples in connection to the shooting death of Sgt. Sean Drenth.

Homicide detectives used court orders to gather samples from the five officers and a civilian employee, all of whom refused to give their samples voluntarily.  The civilian employee may have done maintenance on Drenth's patrol vehicle.

Investigators already processed more than 330 DNA samples from other individuals. They'll process the final six to rule out any connection to the scene.

"It will help us start to eliminate some of the source DNA samples from the scene so we may get closer to an answer as to what happened in the Drenth case," said Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump.

Phoenix police told ABC15 none of the six individuals are suspects in the case.

Drenth, a 12-year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department was found shot to death on the ground outside his police vehicle on October 18, 2010 near 18th Avenue and Jackson.

Investigators have not determined whether Drenth's death was a murder or a suicide, but they are treating the case like a homicide investigation.

They are trying to determine who was at or near the scene where Drenth was found by Capitol Police.

Silent Witness is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for anyone with information leading to an arrest and/or indictment of suspects connected to the death.

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