City prosecutors win guilty verdicts on 385 counts, Woodbridge facing up to $7.7million in fines

PHOENIX - The verdict is in.

It's the decision city prosecutors and the residents of the Woodbridge Apartments have been waiting for since April.

Phoenix Municipal Court Judge Lori Metcalf handed down guilty verdicts on 385 counts against Woodbridge.

She issued not guilty verdicts on 21 others.

Woodbridge was charged with 406 misdemeanors for causing or creating unsafe living conditions and for failing to make repairs to correct those problems.

Prosecutor say living conditions at Woodbridge jeopardize the health and safety of the residents.

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Each count could carry a fine up to $20,000.

That means Woodbridge could be fined $7.7 million.

A sentencing hearing has been scheduled in September.

We'll find out the exact amount of the fine Judge Metcalf assesses at that time.

The owner of the rental property at 19th and Glendale avenues in Phoenix was already fined $47,000 last year when the city took Woodbridge to civil court.

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Woodbridge appealed that case and a Maricopa County Superior Court judge upheld that verdict last month. Another appeal is anticipated.

The city has been in court fighting to get the owner of the Woodbridge Apartments to make repairs and improve living conditions for years.

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The Woodbridge Apartment complex is the only rental property in the city designated as a slum by city officials.

ABC15 Investigators spoke with elated residents Friday about the guilty verdicts who asked us not to use their names for fear of retribution.

One resident told us she was glad the judge handed down all those guilty verdicts on almost all the criminal counts. 

But she also said she is still concerned about whether or not the city will ever be able to force the owner to make repairs and make Woodbridge a decent place to live.

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