Would you pay $250 to win $2.5 million?

You may get a call saying you're a big sweepstakes winner.

Or you could get an email saying you owe court restitution and if you don't pay now, you'll have to pay much more later.

They're just a couple of the scams we're seeing going around the Valley right now.

For some reason, the sweepstakes scams just don't die.

One person emailed me saying they got a call supposedly from Publisher's Clearing House and that he won $2.5 million.

It was not really Publisher's Clearing House, but since he had entered that contest, he thought maybe, just maybe.

In order to get the winnings, he would have to pay a $250 tax on the money first. That's always a sign it's a scam. You shouldn't have to pay to win.

Another person sent an email he received supposedly from the local court system.

It claims he's guilty of some fraud activity. And it offers him a chance to pay $686 instead of being hit with a $4,200 bill later.

But with this, and a lot of these scam emails, if you look closely, you see many grammatical and spelling errors.

And there are phrases like "we are really sorry to say." It's not something you'd see on an official document and this is not the way the court system works.

Finally, while it's not a scam, I got an email from someone who had his catalytic converter stolen from his car while he was in a local mall.

I used to hear about this more often, so I'm warning everyone that it's still a problem.

Apparently thieves can still get big money by selling the converters for scrap. And they can get away undetected going underneath car to car.

Experts advise parking in lighted areas near entrances. If you're really concerned, they suggest engraving your license plate number on the converter so it can be traced.

And they say a security system that is triggered to go off with slight movement, can help.

Keep letting me know about the scams you see and I will pass them on.

You can email me or "like" my Let Joe Know Facebook page and tell me about them there.

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