Will your mover do the work, or are they just a broker?

Do you know if the business you hired, is actually the one that will do the job?
Some businesses are just brokers, who hire other businesses to do the work.
That's what happened to Kenneth Gay.
Kenneth moved to the Valley from New Jersey.
And he hired a business called Regency Leasing to move his van.
He paid them $1,980.
When the deadline for the van's arrival came and went, Kenneth called Regency to ask what happened.
That's when he says he found out Regency Leasing didn't make the move.
Another business did. Kenneth got the number and called the driver who told him "I didn't have a good phone number for you so your van is here in Philly."
But the driver said he'd bring it to Arizona in a few days.
That didn't happen. The van never arrived. Kenneth reported it as stolen.
He ended up settling with his insurance company.
But, what about that $1,980 he spent for a van that was never delivered?
He asked Regency Leasing about it.
He said they told him "someone has to pay for it."  Kenneth says Regency said they already paid the driver and it was the fault of the other business.
But Kenneth hired Regency, not the other business.
Still, no refund.
Since Kenneth paid with his American Express card, he asked that company to refund the money.
American Express refused.
So, Kenneth let me know about it.
We contacted Regency Leasing at its Florida offices.
I told them Kenneth says he never knew that someone else would be moving the van.
The company then sent me a disclosure statement that says in part "assigned transporter is responsible for any damages... Regency is only acting as a broker."
That's something Kenneth says he never saw.
American Express told us:
"We have an established charge dispute process in place which takes into account both the Card Member and Merchant perspectives. Due to Card Member and merchant privacy issues, we cannot provide details on our decision.  
Again, if you need additional information about our charge dispute process, here is some background:
· If a Card Member disputes a charge, American Express generally opens an investigation with the merchant in question.
· During the investigation we charge back the merchant, and remove the charge from the Card Member’s bill. 
· Merchants may request a chargeback reversal if they provide the required information supporting the charge. 
· We may reinvestigate an inquiry with a merchant if a Card Member provides new or additional information after we review the initial supporting documentation regarding a disputed charge. "

But Kenneth's perseverance finally paid off.

He let me know after our first story, American Express cleared his account of all the charges connected to the car transport that never happened.

Thanks to American Express for doing the right thing.

It’s a good example.  Kenneth kept pushing, and while it took a while, it finally paid off.

I always tell you to check out businesses before you hire them.
When it comes to moves and transports, make sure you know if they are going to make the move themselves, or if they're a broker.
If they're going to hire someone else, find out the name, and check their record before paying for anything.
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