Whatever happened to customer service? Joe tries to track down who's behind some websites

The conversation went something like this:

Joe: "Hi, I'm Joe Ducey, a reporter with ABC15 in Phoenix. I'm calling about a consumer who didn't get a full refund."

Representative: "Sir, I would like to help. Can I have your order number?"

Joe: "I have the consumer's order number."

Representative: "Sir, I need your order number."

Joe: "I didn't order anything. I'm a with a television station trying to help someone. Let me speak with your supervisor."

Representative: "He will tell you the same thing."

Joe: "I don't care! Transfer me."

That's the customer service you get when you deal with some of these online companies selling facial creams, diet supplements and health products.

Like the guy I was trying to help. He ordered a green tea product online.

He didn't want it and sent it back.

But, the business kept a $40 restocking fee that was never mentioned in the ad.

I'm seeing people signing up for free trial periods, yet being charged monthly because they supposedly didn't properly cancel.

Just try to get your money back.

These companies hide. If they've got a business name, you can't find it. There's no address to drive to.

The only phone number this green tea site gives is the number for the helpful person I talked with earlier.

My advice: Stay away from these flashy sites with big promises no matter how low the price.

If you must go there, search the web address for complaints online before sharing your credit card information.

As for the guy I'm trying to help, I used the free site www.whois.net and found the web address connected to a couple of phone numbers.

My fear is when I call, I'll hear the same guy asking "what is your order number?"

If you need help or need to warn others about a consumer problem or scam, let me know at joe@abc15.com or by going to my  "Let Joe Know" Facebook page.

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