Watch out for spam in text messages

It seems innocent enough -- a short text message on your phone telling you, "Michelle said to send this to you," with a link to click. 

Now, this is a lot more suspicious if you don't know anyone named Michelle, but we all still want to know what we get if we click on the link. 

Our producer fell for it because she knows someone named Michelle. She clicked the link, and was sent to a site telling her to sign up for a Starbucks gift card. 

She put in her information -- including her email address -- before she realized it was a spam text message. 

Now, she's stuck getting several emails a day, all trying to sell her something else.

She's not the only one. Nene wrote on our ABC15 Facebook page asking if we'd heard of this text message. She even tried to call the number that texted her to find out how they'd gotten her number, but had no success. 

We hear about text message scams all the time and there are likely even more of them around the holidays. While this one seems like it's just after your email address so they can send you more ads, many of them will try to get you to give up your financial information -- or worse. 

Have you gotten a text message like this? Email me or go to my ABC15 Facebook page and tell me about it. 

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