Warning: Changing your mailing address can cost more on some websites

A warning to anyone who may be moving in the next year or may have a student moving away from home soon.

If you're using the U.S. Postal Service website to change your mailing address, make sure it's the REAL postal service.

When Belinda Warren moved to a new condo, she tried to change her mailing address by going to the postal service site.

"I just did a Google search for the USPS change my address. I was going to do it online to keep me from having to run into the post office," she said.

The first thing that popped up on her tablet said "USPS change my address."

She says she clicked and entered her credit card number for verification purposes.

Two weeks later, Belinda says she noticed a $19.95 charge.

She says It came from a website called Change-my-address.com .

Belinda had clicked on a private company site, not the postal service.

The Better Business Bureau has more than 500 complaints about "Change My Address."

Earlier this year, the BBB asked the site to be more upfront.

The company's attorney says the site "has recently complied with the BBB" request, adding wording to clarify that it is not affiliated with the postal service.

But it's still confusing for some people.

There are other sites that do the same thing and there's nothing illegal about this. They do provide a service.

But if you want the USPS service, visit them here on the USPS site .

The US Postal Service will charge you $1 to change your address. So you must provide a credit/debit card for that.

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