Walmart, Flushmate, Dreamfields class action settlements could mean money for you

$100 Walmart gift cards and exploding toilets? 
They are both part of class action lawsuits and can mean money for you.
Let's start with something you would never think about as you go through the ... uh.. business of your day.
"There was a defect in the toilets themselves that could cause the toilets to literally explode," says Scott Hardy with
That's the allegation involving Flushmate flushing systems installed in American Standard, Koehler and other popular toilets.
Hardy says there have been reports of injuries and damage.
You can get at least $50 if you file a claim soon. The deadline is August 24th.
Read more about the Flushmate class action settlement.
How about a pasta advertised as being low carb and easier to digest?
Well it turns out that their pasta isn't as easy to digest as they advertise.
That's the allegation anyway says Hardy.
Dreamfields pasta settled a class action suit and that can mean nearly 2 bucks back for each box you bought in the last 10 years.
Read more about the Dreamfields class action settlement.
But you can make much more money if you received an unsolicited text about a $100 Walmart gift card.
Hardy says "claimants could receive $155 per person." So, it's a significant amount just for submitting your claim online.
The texts led you to Stonebridge Life Insurance and Trifecta Marketing. 
You must have received the texts during a short time in 2010.
Read more about the Stonebridge class action settlement.
None of the businesses admit any wrong doing.
The claim deadlines are soon.
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